iLearning – School in a box

The iLearning centre is a box that contains tablets loaded with educational content. The box, also known as 'School in a Box', has been provided by the Social Project, an organisation focused on empowering youth in under-served communities to learn through using these tablets. The Social Project has been introduced to Eastridge Christian Academy through our partner, Grace2Learn, who also helps to facilitate these sessions with our children.

When kids arrive for the iLearning centre, they receive 45 minutes of focused learning. The iLearning centre has a main focus for maths and aims to provide high quality maths lessons. The content also enables the learner to focus on the subjects they are struggling with most. Through the iLearning centre, students learn digital literacy skills, while having loads of fun, which shows that we no longer need a computer lab in order for children to learn, but something as simple as a box with tablets.

We encourage you to check out the work that Social Project is doing in our communities as well as the rest of our country.